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yes.. another post from ME.

I found an interview Justin did about his appearence on Hope & Faith from Soapoperadigest.com.. even though they don't have the date when it will air..

AMC Interviews

You Gotta Have Faith (and Hope)

By Tonya Lensch

The ALL MY CHILDREN/HOPE & FAITH connection continued when Justin Bruening (Jamie) guest-starred on a recent episode of the sitcom.

"I played Jake, the manager/frat boy guy," explains Bruening. "Pretty much my sole [reason] on that show was to get laid by Sydney, Hope's daughter. She started working at a store like Abercrombie & Fitch because my character works there. He was this huge heartthrob in high school and now he's in college and she's in high school. She wanted to lose her virginity to him."

Bruening shared some scenes with the show's star Kelly Ripa (Faith; ex-Hayley, AMC). "That was a lot of fun," he smiles. "She's full of spunk, let me tell you. She found out really fast [that I am on AMC]. She was telling me to say hi to everybody and she wanted to know who was still there. She told me to disinfect my dressing room because I have her old one. She's like, 'You don't even want to know what all went on in there.' "

Appearing on a sitcom gave Bruening a welcome break from all the drama on AMC. "I love doing comedy," he smiles. "That is so much fun. They don't let me do comedy on my show. Apparently I'm stuck in the wrong package to be funny, 'too tall and model looking.' That's what Michael Knight (Tad) tells me. My favorite things are romantic comedies. Romance is funny, actually. At least I think it is."

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