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just thought you might be interested


: What fad are you suprised you fell for?

Justin Bruening (Jamie, AMC)
"I've never actually gone for a fad. I have the weirdest personality where, when everybody's doing one thing, I'll do the exact opposite. Wait, wait -- I collected dump trucks. I had a lot of Hemans, Transformers.. that's when I was little, and didn't know any better."



We can't believe they said that!

"I've been in five fights and in jail four times -- and i'm the nicest guy on the show." -- AMC'S JUSTIN BRUENING (JAMIE) on his character.



GOOD VIBES: Elizabeth Hendrickson's (Maggie) dressing room neighbors Jacob Young (JR) and Justin Bruening (Jamie), make it hard to take a nap --- not that she minds! "Jacob is usually playing his guitar and singing, which I actually like because I don't have a radio in my room anymore," she chuckles. "He's got a great voice. And Justin is always in his room listening to music on his headphones, so I don't hear that, but I do always hear his phone vibrate because he leaves it on his table, and it's on so high that I can actually hear it vibrate through the walls. Once I was like, "Um, Justin, is that your phone vibrating in there?'"
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