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Welcome to Bruening_Babes! The first LiveJournal community dedicated to the actor and model, Justin Bruening, who is best known for his role as 'Jamie Martin' on ABC's 'All My Children'. We hope to create a large community of fans that agree that Justin is underappreciated, goregous and talented.

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.. Rules ..

1 .. All posts MUST be related to Justin Bruening.
2 .. Please lj-cut spoilers, icons, graphics, or long articles.
3 .. Hating on Justin, his character, OR anything the members of this community create or posts will NOT be tolerated.
4 .. We may delete your post if it's off topic or contains something offensive.
5 .. We have the right to ban any member who cannot follow the rules.
6 .. No one OWNS Justin .. as much as we would like to, so please don't be all .. "LYKE OMG JUSTIN IZ SOO MYNE!"
7 .. Just have fun. =)

.. Basic 411 on Justin & Jamie ..

Full Name // Justin Bruening
Birthplace // Chadron, Nebraska
Currently Residing // Somewhere in New York
Birthday // September 24, 1979

Originally taped to play JR Chandler [now being played by Jacob Young], the casting department made a last-minute change when it was determined that Justin would fit better into the role of Jamie Martin.

Justin had a cameo in Britney Spears' video for Boys .. He was the guy in the pool.. Ironically, He doesn't know how to swim.

Justin has three tattoos on his back, a sun, a moon and a weird looking troll thing.

Justin has an earring in each ear and his right cartledge is pierced.

Justin moved to San Diego where he was discovered by a modeling agent at a local McDonald's and the rest is history.

Justin and his girlfriend/co-star Alexa Havins (Babe) are engaged to be married.


James "Jamie" Edward Martin is the son of Tad Martin and Brooke English. One night, Jamie ended up on the beach during one of Pine Valley's events where he met a young, blonde girl who had a lot to drink. Her name was Babe as she told him. One thing led to another of course and he lost his virginity to her that night, to later find out that she was his step-brother, JR Chandler's wife. Babe later became pregnant and Jamie demanded that the baby she was carrying was his, tests were altered to show that Jamie was not the father. But there still iss a possible chance that the baby is Jamie's, JR's or Paul Cramer of OLTL's. We still don't know for sure where this baby storyline is going but Jamie went to all lengths to save the woman he loves from the graves of danger set up by her husband, his step-brother. He is currently on the run with Babe, trying to keep "Baby James" formally "Ace Buchanan" away from his father JR.